New name for FAR

The Fraunhofer Cleaning Technology Alliance becomes

Fraunhofer Cleaning - The high-tech platform for cleaning processes

Dear partners, customers and colleagues,

after 18 years of successful work with you and for you in the field of industrial cleaning technology, we have decided, in the course of the reorganization of our office, to give our grown portfolio a new name.

The familiar remains:

  • reliability as a partner in the solution of cleaning tasks
  • interdisciplinary competence network
  • application-oriented research and development
  • partner of the parts2clean
  • further training in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Academy
  • active shaping of standards and guidelines
  • the logo

Innovative focus areas will be strengthened:

  • automation, digitization and use of AI
  • initiative in education and training for the challenges of the digital knowledge society
  • cleaning in hygiene-relevant areas up to disinfection and sterilization
  • sensor technology development for online process monitoring
  • quality assurance
  • conservation of resources, environmental protection
  • and much more

In the coming weeks and months, you will notice in some places the changes that this transformation process brings with it. Stay excited and accompany us on this challenging journey into the future of industrial cleaning of surfaces, components and functional surfaces