Cleaning in photonics industry

Photonics is the entirety of physical, chemical and biological technologies for the generation, amplification, transmission, measurement and utilization of light. It is used in the development of components and systems for image processing, in measurement, communication, information technology and in the fields of energy, medical and nanotechnology.

Increasingly, the photonics industry requires components that are free of particles and film-forming production residues. However, such impurities inevitably occur during production. It is therefore urgently necessary to develop and apply cleaning methods and processes tailored to the respective component.

The cleaning processes in the photonics industry range from the

• Aqueous cleaning, via

• Solvent-,

• Laser and

• Plasma up to the  

• Ultrasonic cleaning.


Today, there are even specially developed cleaning processes and systems for components in the photonics industry that can handle up to eight cleaning stages.