Process analysis and cosulting

We offer customers structured and efficient solutions to problems in consulting them on the selection of cleaning processes and technologies. Our innovative and structured search for ideas is based on methods applicable to innovation management. These methods are also implemen ted in our highly efficient documentation of problem-solving processes. Simulation techniques represent another important tool. Measures are evaluated not only by testing equipment prototypes but also by simulating clean manufacturing, processes and equipment.

Taking the results of a root cause analysis as a starting point, we draw up proposals for im proving production workflow, processes, staff deployment, cleaning and quality assurance methods. These are based on an approach in which we first look at measures that can avoid or reduce the occurrence of contamination. Where avoidance or reduction are not possible, measures and methods for removing the contamination are subsequently investigated.

The consulting services of Business Area Cleaning of Fraunhofer are based on a modular system it has developed to efficiently perform integrated assessments of cleaning processes in all crucial sub-areas of the manufacturing workflow. In order to do justice to the demands of an integ rative assessment, these analyses consider cost-effectiveness in addition to technological and ecological concerns.