The cleaning technology process chain is more than just different cleaning processes. Upstream processes serve to prevent contamination or reduce the complexity and cost of cleaning. Downstream the technology monitors how effectively cleaning processes function in quality assurance, at the same time controlling the environmentally compatible disposal of impurities and contaminants and the cleaning agents used to remove them. Fraunhofer institutes expertise covers the entire cleaning technology process chain.

It is pooled and coordinated in the Fraunhofer-Business Area Cleaning, covering the entire spectrum of cleaning technology across all processes. The Fraunhofer institutes thus provide an unparalleled range of services in this field to industry throughout Germany.

Cooperation with the institutes helps customers to find answers to questions that need urgent attention. But the solutions ultimately enhances market success, too: sophisticated cleaning management and the complete integration of cleaning in the manufacturing process chain bring down costs, while seamless and thoroughly tested cleaning processes increase the quality of the final product and thus market acceptance. Output that fails to meet quality standards is minimized.

The independence of the Fraunhofer institutes when evaluating cleaning procedures and systems guarantees solutions that respond to actual needs. As environmental protection stipulations are also always taken into consideration, the optimization of cleaning processes ultimately contributes to the company’s improved business performance.

Activites undertaken by the Fraunhofer-Business Area Cleaning can be classified into three core categories. These focus on the need to:






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