Cleaning hygienically critical areas

Quality through hygiene

The absolute adherence to hygienic practices in the production of goods such as foods, medical engineering equipment, life science and biotechnology products is the focus of growing public interest. Legislation has enforced lower and increasingly more specific tolerance limits in these areas, leading to more exacting requirements for cleanliness. Clean, hygienic or even sterile production environments, or a corresponding control of the final products’ quality and standards of cleanliness, thus take on preeminent significance in the manufacturing process. 


Hygiene integrated into production

Hygienic standards required of the fi nal product can be achieved by the cleaning, disinfection or even sterilization of the end product. It frequently turns out, however, that when ‘cleanliness’ is integrated into production by hygienic design of the facility, this can reduce or even prevent complex and costly ‘end-of-the-pipe’ solutions. The cleaning and disinfection of the production facility can also be carried out more effectively, thus reducing downtimes.


Main areas of focus

• Cleaning strategies for hygienic production

• Disinfection and sterilization

• Electron beam processes