31st Symposium on Industrial Component Cleaning

Under the heading "Solving current and future challenges in component cleaning", the 31st INDUSTRIAL COMPONENT CLEANING symposium will be taking place at the Neckar Forum in Esslingen, Germany, from June 22-23, 2023.

Under the constantly increasing pressure of the technology and energy transition, the requirements for the processes of parts manufacturing are changing. As a result, the quality-critical production step of parts cleaning is becoming increasingly important. Coordinated solutions for chemistry, processes and technology in the cleaning process are required to meet and secure the demands for component cleanliness in a stable and efficient way now and in the future.

The 31st INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION PARTS CLEANING conference will show what really matters.

The focus is on the key topics:

  • Fundamentals and process engineering solutions
  • Energy efficiency in component cleaning
  • High purity cleaning for high-tech applications
  • New processes, products and solutions
  • Modern methods of process control

At the end of the first day, an expert forum will discuss recent topics in component cleaning with all participants. The second day will be dedicated to research topics related to component cleaning and will be entirely organized by FRei speakers. You can find even more information about the event here.