Training for Technical Cleanliness Inspectors

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The production of modern motor vehicles requires the highest standards in the technical cleanliness of components and assemblies. VDA 19.1 "Testing of technical cleanliness - Particle contamination of functionally relevant automotive parts" is a pioneering quality feature in the automotive industry.


In cooperation with the VDA QMC, Fraunhofer IPA is presenting a unique training course for technical cleanliness inspectors. VDA 19, first introduced in 2005 and available in a revised form since 2015, is the focus of this intensive training program.


Although places are fully booked, you have the opportunity to join the waiting list to be part of the seminar at short notice.

In this training course from January 30 to 31, 2024 in Stuttgart, participants will learn how to carry out, design and document cleanliness analyses in accordance with VDA 19.1. You will gain a clear understanding of the technical necessity of cleanliness testing and cleanliness-compliant behavior.


Take advantage of this opportunity for professional development and secure a place on our waiting list now! If you are not lucky, make a note of April 16 and 17, 2024 in your calendar so that you can still take part in the training.


You can find more information about the seminar here!