Let’s talk ... interview with a member of Cleaning Business Area of Fraunhofer

As part of our interview series in each newsletter, we once again introduce you to a member of the Cleaning Business Area of Fraunhofer. This time, Markus Rochowicz from Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA answered our questions. Read more about his career and his personal views on the goals, potential and aspirations of the Cleaning Business Area of Fraunhofer.


1. How did you join Cleaning Business Area of Fraunhofer?
We work on cleanliness topics since the mid of the 80s an were also a founding member of the Fraunhofer Cleaning Alliance, the precursor of FRei.


2. What goal have you set yourself for your work at Cleaning Business Area of Fraunhofer?
Together with my colleagues from other Fraunhofer FRei member instituts I want to provide a competence network for questions of the industry on the one hand and on the other hand I would like to help establishing cleaning technology as important research issue.

3. What would you like to pass on to the customers of Cleaning Business Area of Fraunhofer?
Dare to ask Fraunhofer FRei if you have cleanliness related questions. We provide not just future orientated (basic) research but also practical solutions for everyday problems in production.


4. What does the Fraunhofer IPK offer in cleaning technology?
We are one of a few departments at Fraunhofer that deals solely we topics of cleanliness and cleaning technologies. But in this niche we have a very broad range of subjects, we offer cleaning technology for research and as a service provider, we support the planning and optimizing of cleanliness related production areas, we provide analytics for particles, chemical and biological residues and we conduct a lot of trainings in Stuttgart or at customers sites. We are also very active in standardization work from Technical Cleanliness in the automotive industry to cleanliness of medical devices.


5. What makes you a competent partner in cleaning technology?

Experience is a very important factor in cleaning technology. However, it is still very often characterized by trials and feasibilities. In addition to manual dexterity and technical understanding, you also need a bit of tenacity and perseverance. These qualities, combined with a good dose of fun at work and a healthy curiosity, make us a competent partner in cleaning technology.

6. What do you wish for the industry?
Unfortunately cleaning technology is often seen as a necessary evil in production techniques. But today the cleanliness of products in nearly every branch is that important for quality, reliability, yield and (functional) safety of the manufactured goods. My wish is that cleaning technology gets the same standing as other adding value production technologies.

7. What is urgently needed so that the next big step can be taken in the field of cleaning technology?
I think there are a lot of good ideas and new approaches to improve cleaning processes. What is needed is the willingness to see cleaning technology as a relevant topic for future orientated research and to provide funding for this topic.