Basic seminar on cleaning technology: Expert for industrial component cleaning

Do you face challenges or production problems that can be traced back to cleaning? Are you thinking about systematically integrating the topic of cleaning into your production processes, but don't know which options are suitable? Our basic seminar offers you the opportunity to gain practical and compact knowledge about the methodical and systematic approach to cleaning technology.

The next basic seminar will take place from November 29th to December 2nd, 2022.

Last year, the basic seminars were already held exclusively online – and with great success!
The content focuses on the following topics:

Block 1: Basics of cleaning – systematics, efforts
Block 2:
Cleaning in the process chain
Block 3:
Standards, guidelines and quality assurance
Block 4:
Advanced course 2b: Analysis of filmic impurities, chemical surface analysis
Block 5:
Practical module: Application

The integration of the practice module in particular gives you the opportunity to combine theory and practice digitally in the best possible way. Possibilities and limits of various measuring methods will be demonstrated, methods of process control for aqueous cleaning baths will be demonstrated live, contaminated samples will be cleaned with plasma, the challenges for cleaning in a clean environment will be presented and the investigation methods REM and XPS in the field of "chemical surface analysis" will be explained.

At the end of the basic seminar, you are also free to put the newly acquired knowledge to the test, in the form of an online final test.

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