Impressions and start of the advanced training for "certified professional specialist for industrial parts cleaning".

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In the last few months, a lot has happened again in the CLOU project for the development of an in-service training to become a "Certified Professional Specialist for Industrial Parts Cleaning".

The CLOU consortium is developing training opportunities for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry at DQR levels 5 to 7, creating qualifications for horizontal and vertical continuing education and taking into account a permeability between higher education and vocational training. The aim is to strengthen vocational training through innovative concepts and attractive career opportunities. In particular, the first advanced training level for vocational specialists (m/f/d) was designed for upgrading and advancing laboratory technician occupations.

The advantages of a learning location cooperation with an inter-company training center (SBG Dresden) and several Fraunhofer Institutes play a decisive role here, as it ensures for the first time that the latest research results are directly incorporated into the training plan.

The goal is to provide reliable learning path and career planning based on personalized as well as company-specific measures.

If you are just as curious to learn more about the motivations and experiences of the participants in the current test run in the CLOU project, we have good news: After the launch last fall, we asked some of the participants about their impressions.

The first two of the total of eight videos can already be found on our social media channels.

Further information on the project can be found here.