Systems development, equipment and component manufacturing

In order to be able to react flexibly to changing markets, customers of Fraunhofer Cleaning can provided with autonomous and modular turn-key solutions for cleaning systems. The expertise of the participating institutes is demonstrated by their systematic ap proach to defining a concept, followed by the design and implementation of cleaning systems and their sub-systems. In providing integrated solutions, Fraunhofer Cleaning implements a modular architecture that allows components to be used in existing equipment and systems and in those to be developed.

Application-specific cleaning devices and equipment are designed and constructed according to process developments. This involves developing application-specific laser and electron beam sources with customized beam guidance and beam-shaping systems, developing and building  nozzles used in blasting processes, drawing up concepts for mechanical, electrical and data processing interfaces, as well as measures to integrate modules into existing manufacturing systems.

In addition to these developments, online and in-situ methods for process control, quality assurance and to ensure process reliability are also provided.