Cleaning technologies

Fraunhofer Cleaning has a variety of cleaning technologies available for industrial cleaning that can be selected, adapted and put to use as needed. Cleaning technologies range from mechanical jets, such as dry-ice jets, compressed air jets with solid blasting agents, water jets and abrasive water jets, as well as plasma cleaning methods, laser beam cleaning through to non-enclosed non-thermal electron beam processes and wet-chemical cleaning methods such as ultrasound and spray cleaning.

Our cleaning technologies make it possible to carefully clean away the slightest contamination in the form of particles and films, through to the removal of old, disruptive or functional lay ers. In addition to chemical, mechanical and thermal techniques, the Alliance also offers other 16 important cleaning technologies that have been gaining ground in recent years, including laser beams, CO2 jets, plasma techniques and electron beams. This is attributable not only to the benefits gained through these individual technologies – including greater precision, better pro tection of the substrate and lower heat transfer to the base material. These technologies also respond to increasingly tougher legislative regulations regarding the maintenance of hygiene and avoidance of waste and pollutants.

Fraunhofer Cleaning is able to tackle a range of parts that extends from highly sensitive components for the chip industry through to the huge parts handled by forming technology. The Cleaning Technology Alliance is able to optimize the processes involved in a variety of cleaning techniques, improving their cost-effectiveness and contributing decisively, through added value, to the competitiveness of the companies concerned.