Associated Establishments and Cooperations

Associated Institutes

Institutes throughout Germany are represented in Fraunhofer-Business Area Cleaning.

Cooperation with Fraunhofer-Business Area Cleaning

We can offer you a wide range of alternatives for cooperation, and can adapt the selected form to your specific requirements:

Strategic pre-competitive research

Publicly financed pre-competitive research is devoted to the initial and further development of future technologies and markets. Our cooperation partners in industry benefit from the know-how we acquire outside of contract research.

Bilateral and multilateral industrial projects

Research and development assignments provide an effective opportunity to drive the innovation process forward in the companies involved. We develop solutions for our customers that are commercially sound when put into practice. Any questions raised are dealt with individually and competently. We consult with our partners to determine the desired level of complexity, time scale, and scope of research involved in the project, and agree with them on non-disclosure.

Please get in touch with our office and our staff representatives for more information about services or for direct answers to any specific questions you may have about Fraunhofer-Business Area Cleaning.