Hygienic Robot Shell for Use in Hygiene-Critical Environments

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The hygienic protection cover allows the use of conventional robots in hygiene-critical environments.

The Fraunhofer IVV has developed a hygienic, easy-to-clean robot protection cover that offers a safe and cost-effective solution for the use of conventional robots in particularly hygiene-critical environments.

The protection cover ensures the legally required separation of robot, product, and environment. This eliminates the need to purchase expensive hygienic design robots, which are often twice as expensive as conventional robots. The low wrinkle textile cover consists of stretchable, chemically stable, media-tight textiles that are adapted to the robot geometry and hygienically securely connected to the robot. It does not or only slightly restrict the freedom of movement of articulated robots. Based on experimental studies, wrinkle-free cleaning of the surface can be guaranteed, and damage due to the use of aggressive chemicals can be ruled out.

Contact Dr. Enrico Fuchs from Fraunhofer IVV, Division Processing Technologyv for more information!