Conservation of resources in cleaning technology

The technical purity of semi-finished products, components, their functional surfaces, and the production environment is indispensable for the manufacture of high-quality products. However, to survive in international competition, all cost-saving possibilities must be exploited.

More and more companies are trying to recover process media, reuse materials and selectively remove impurities. The reasons for this are rising costs for wastewater treatment and disposal on the one hand, and increasing social environmental awareness and the trend towards sustainability on the other. Recycling, the recovery of recyclable materials and the processing of process media are increasingly becoming the focus of public interest.

To position oneself on the market as a modern company, it is therefore essential to address the issue of resource conservation. For manufacturing companies, this includes, for example, the integration of new cleaning concepts into existing plants to facilitate easier and more cost-efficient reprocessing of process media and ideally also to include aspects of zero-emission production.