Education and training

The crucial role played by cleaning in manufacturing is becoming ever more apparent. Cleaning technology is an integral part of the manufacturing process chain and an interdisciplinary topic of relevance to mechanical and plant engineering as well as in manufacturing and process engineering. There is often a lack of systematic approach and methodology when analyzing cleaning issues or selecting cleaning techniques. It has not been possible up until now to gain relevant expertise through vocational training or a course of study, resulting in a lack of know-how and trained employees in industry. An accordingly high demand exists for training courses and seminars. A survey, carried out to analyze the market and future trends, revealed that 20% of the companies firmly intend to train their employees. This has prompted Fraunhofer Cleaning to offer various basic and advanced training courses, such as the seminar ‘Cleaning technology – cleaning in manufacturing,’ which introduces participants to basic principles. Industry research groups and seminars on specific topics are also organized. Fraunhofer Cleaning is responding to the demands of industry by transferring its knowledge of methodical and systematic approaches to cleaning technology.


Main areas of focus

• Seminar: Cleaning technology principles

• Training courses on residual contamination (according to VDA 19 [approx. equivalent to ISO 16232])

• Topic-specific industry workgroups