Quality Insurance

Replicable product quality depends on reliable processes. Knowledge of the crucial parameters influencing cleaning processes, and the ability to maintain full control of the process at all time, belongs to the key know-how required to plan and secure processing capability. A comprehensive quality assurance strategy for the cleaning chain is required to ensure that the cleaning results achieved remain unaltered on their way to the end user, or to the next step in the manufacturing process. Quality assurance encompasses the original condition of the object to be cleaned, the cleaning itself, inspection after cleaning, and subsequent steps in the manufacturing process and logistics.

Quality assurance and inspection are therefore given high priority in cleaning technology, which therefore forms a core area of activity for Fraunhofer Cleaning. Fraunhofer Cleaning supports its customers’ quality assurance in their manufacturing processes by taking an all-encompassing view of the process chain, including development and selection of online measurement procedures and the elaboration of cleaning concepts that focus on the need to control and maintain quality at all times.