Cleaning in Microsystems

No microfunction without nanocleanliness

It is no longer possible to imagine our daily lives without electronic aides, for example, in cars. More and more functionality is expected from these products, leading to increasing miniaturization of their electronic and mechanical systems. During their manufacture, even the tiniest particle of dust can impair the quality or operation of such miniaturized systems, or lead to their complete failure. If the required cleanliness in not upheld over the entire manufacturing process, these systems will never be able to serve their intended purpose for the user.


A provider of research and service in clean production

The high demands placed on cleanliness when manufacturing micro-engineered systems are very familiar to the scientists of the Fraunhofer Alliance. Thanks to cooperation within the Alliance across all relevant technological disciplines, there is always an expert with the right qualifi cations and experience on hand to tackle problems or questions in any field, making use of the enormous potential existing in available analytical and manufacturing engineering infrastructure.


Main areas of focus

• Cleanroom technology

• Avoid and minimize cleaning requirements

• Clean production