Review: Basic seminar on cleaning technology: Expert for industrial component cleaning + new dates

The Corona pandemic also brought a lot of new things - our basic seminar, for example, celebrated its digital premiere this year, twice! Both, the March and November seminars were held exclusively online. A big change for all participants and also for the speakers - nevertheless a great success! With the help of digital group rooms and tools, the participants were able to delve into the topics of cleaning technology and network with each other. In order to ease the workload and to allow time for the daily business, the seminar was held on four days from early morning to early afternoon.
The content focused on the following topics:

  • Day 1: Basic knowledge: Basics of how industrial cleaning processes work
  • Day 2: Advanced course 1: Planning and possibilities of industrial cleaning processes
  • Day 3: Advanced course 2a: Quality assurance and analytics
  • Day 4: Advanced Course 2b: Analysis of Filmic Contamination, Chemical Surface Analysis

A new highlight was also the integration of online practical modules to combine theory and practice. Thus, possibilities and limits of different measuring methods were demonstrated, methods of process control for aqueous cleaning baths were presented live, contaminated samples were cleaned with plasma, the challenges for cleaning in a clean environment were brought forward and the examination methods SEM and XPS in the field of "Chemical Surface Analysis" were explained.
On the last day, the participants had the opportunity to put their newly acquired knowledge to the test in the form of an online final exam.

The next basic seminar will take place from May 17th - 19th/20th, 2022. The format in which the seminar will be offered next year will of course depend on the respective corona situation. What is certain is that regardless of the format (presence, online or hybrid), there will of course be no compromise on content or objectives in the future. So take advantage of this opportunity to exchange ideas with other participants and experts from a wide range of fields and register here.