Cleanroom training: Producing under clean conditions

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The appropriate interaction of cleanroom, personnel, material flow, process, cleaning and plant technology is the pre-condition for the production of high-quality, contamination-sensitive products. The basis for this is an understanding of the type and quantity of the critical contaminants in each case. This is the starting point for selecting the necessary and target-oriented technical and operational measures for generating and maintaining product purity.


The aim of the two-day training course is to give participants a comprehensive insight into the available technologies and methods and their application. The combination of knowledge transfer by experienced purity experts in the form of lectures and the associated practical parts in the cleanroom laboratories of the Fraunhofer IPA provides a framework that has established its value over many years.


The training course for the introduction to the theory and practice of cleanroom technology includes the following training contents:

-        Cleanroom planning and monitoring

-        Clean product handling and logistics

-        Personnel behavior and clothing

-        Cleanroom compatible process and plant design

-        Cleaning and analysis

-        Extensive practical part to deepen the theoretical training contents


Register to attend the training course on June 27-28, 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany!


You can find even more information on the Fraunhofer IPA website.