VDA 19.1 – Fully Revised and Supplemented

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The standard for inspection of technical cleanliness in automotive industry (2nd edition), VDA 19.1, is valid since 2015. Due to demands of the upcoming electromobilty, new technologies and methodic improvements an entire revision is necessary.

For this purpose, an open industrial alliance within the project management of Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart will start its work in 2023.

The main topics will be the dry extraction of large or electronic components, a better comparability of analyses for particle material determination and the new possibilities for automated extraction and analysis, but there will also be numerous other aspects that will further improve the standard and keep it sustainable.


If you are interested in joining the working group or if you have technical topics for the revision don´t hesitate to contact Dr.-Ing. Markus Rochowicz from Fraunhofer IPA.